Face2Face – Thursday, Jan 23: 9-11 MS, 1-3 HS

Elementary Virtual School

School HouseFull-time Virtual School is offered to students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The flexibility the program offers to the students is the ability  to log in to their course at any time. There are deadlines to the assignments, but the time the assignment is completed before that deadline is where the flexibility sets in. A student can have dance lessons from 10am-2pm daily and complete their assignments after or before their dance lessons. Live lessons on the computer are conducted on a regular basis and skills will be reviewed and taught by the teacher.

The Elementary Full-Time program requires parents or learning coach to be at home with the student daily to assist the student with learning. The program is aligned with the Florida State standards and employs Florida certified teachers. The parent/coach becomes a learning coach and will be assisting the student with the lessons, logging attendance and submitting assignments to the teacher. The average time per day parents spend with their children with the lessons and assignments varies from 4-6 hours a day. Face-to-face contact with the student is done once a month to help develop the social skills as well as review skills learned in the lessons.

Students will need a printer with scanner, a computer, microphone and earphones. login_button_green

Polk Virtual for Elementary student provide parents a one-on-one small setting where the parent is fully engaged with their students learning and achieving.

All Polk Virtual students participate in all state testing requirements.