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Common questions answered.Questions

How does virtual school work?

Each student starts on his/her specified day. Assignments are based on a weekly pace chart that dictates how many assignments students will complete each week. Once an assignment is completed, the student submits it and the teacher grades it, providing specific feedback. The feedback will provide guidance to corrections for the student to re-submit the submission for increased learning and improved grade.

How much work do I complete each day?

Student work is based on a weekly pace chart. Students may have anywhere from 2-5 assignments per week, per class.

Does my teacher instruct online and I watch the video of the lesson?

Lessons are in text version. Students read the required lessons and complete the specific assignments. The teacher is available via phone or email to help answer any questions students may have. Teachers may provide recorded tutorials. Additional assistance may be found on our “Course Assistance” page.

How do I take tests online?

Student receives required passwords from the instructor after he/she completes the discussion-based assessment and demonstrates they are ready for the exam.

How do I complete my work?

Work is typically created in some type of word processing program such as MS Word or Open Office. It is then attached to the assessment that is to be submitted. There are also automated assignments that students will complete within the course. Those are typically a combination of multiple choice, short answer, matching, and short essay questions.

Who grades my work?

Your teachers for each class will grade your work.

Will other students be in class with me?

Classes range from a few students to many. The number of students in a class does not affect individual students in any way.

Do I talk to my teacher every day?

You can call your teachers whenever you have questions, need to take a discussion-based assessment, or if you are due for a monthly call. It is not necessary to talk to your teachers every day unless you need to.

How do I know how I am doing if I do not meet with my teacher every day?

Students can check grades any time by logging into the virtual system. All work is typically graded within 48 hours of submission. There are exceptions such as weekends and holidays. Students can also see which work has or has not been submitted and graded.

What happens if I have questions about my work?

You can call your teacher during regular office hours or you can send an email any time. All phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours with exception of weekends and holidays.

Do I have to have a computer to take virtual classes?

Yes, you have to have access to a computer and internet on a daily basis.

What if I do not have internet access?

Internet access is required in order to complete the work. Students must log into the virtual system, which requires internet access.

How do my teachers get to know me if they do not see me every day?

Virtual teachers get to know their students on an individual basis. They learn individual student learning habits and can usually tell who is calling by the sound of a student’s voice. Teachers also complete discussion-based assessments with students where they are able to discuss various elements of lessons and possibly student interests. Virtual teachers and students get to know each other well throughout the school year.

Do I get time off with virtual school?

Polk Virtual Education programs follow the Polk County Schools calendar.

What if I finish all my required work for the week and it is only Wednesday?

Students only have to complete the required work each week. When they finish that work, they can work on other classes or work to get ahead. The virtual school system allows for a lot of flexibility.