Face2Face – Thursday, Jan 23: 9-11 MS, 1-3 HS

General Information

What is Virtual School?

Polk Virtual School is a Polk County Public School. The difference between a traditional school and the Polk Virtual School is that this program is completely virtual and offers a flexible daily schedule! Our curriculum is aligned with the Florida Standards listed in Florida Statutes, F.S. 1003.41. Florida Polk Virtual School is a franchise of the state’s virtual school system. Under the state’s program, Polk Virtual must use the Florida virtual curriculum as one of the three required options. Polk Virtual also uses Edgenuity and Pearson’s Connections Curriculum. In today’s society, there is a heavy emphasis on the usage of technology. Polk Virtual School’s goal is to ensure that all students are both academically and virtually prepared for college and a career. Our program focuses on our principle GOAL: Growing Online Able Learners.  Polk Virtual School serves students from Grade K-12. The choices are: Full-Time Virtual Education, Part-Time Virtual Education and Home Education.

Program Descriptions

Polk Virtual School Franchise:(part time)

The Polk Virtual School Franchise (PVS) is a curriculum service which provides students in grades K-12 the opportunity to take online courses taught by Polk County teachers. The Polk student workingVirtual School Franchise serves district students through specialized partnerships with home education, public schools, private schools and charter schools. PVS also serves public school enrolled 4th and 5th graders meeting legislation to take sixth grade courses. PVS accepts enrollments requests all year with activation occurring (generally) August through October first and January first through February fifth. PVS follows the approved School Board calendar. PVS is a Franchise of Florida Virtual School.

Polk County District Full-time Virtual Instructional Program (PCDVIP):

Polk County District Full-time Virtual Instructional Program (PCDVIP) is an online public school program that serves students in grades K-12 that meet the state eligibility mandates (I have included these below) for enrollment. Students enrolled in the District Full-time Virtual Instructional Program (PCDVIP) complete all course work through the on-line program and are required to adhere to all state and local policies for public school students. The PCDVIP students are required to participate in all testing programs and must meet attendance expectations through daily work submissions. This program does not serve registered home schooled students. Students do work from home but are classified as full-time public virtual students, not home schooled. The Florida Legislature established this program as a public school choice option and section 1002.455, Florida Statutes, provides the student eligibility criteria for the school district virtual instructional program.

Polk Virtual Education Program Offerings

Polk County District (Full Time) Virtual Instruction Program Polk Virtual Franchise (PVS) Polk County eSchool
Diploma Yes No Yes
Guidance Yes No Yes
FCAT/EOC Yes Optional Yes
Face 2 Face Assistance No Yes Yes
Teachers Vendor Local Local
Serve Home School Students No Yes No
Serve Brick and Mortar Students No Yes No