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Part-time Virtual

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Polk Virtual School is a district owned franchise of Florida Virtual School. This program serves students in grades K through twelve with courses that are accredited through the SouthernPower button on computer Association of Colleges and Schools. Polk Virtual School serves public school students (as part of their regular schedule), hospital homebound, home schooled students, and private school students.

Students are able to participate in their zoned school throughout the day and also take courses with Polk Virtual School online. The Florida Statute, F.S.1003.4282, states that as part of the High School graduation requirements, students are required to take at least one virtual course online. Students are eligible to take the required course once they enter middle school. Students are able to take any course from core courses to electives, but all options must be approved by parent/guardian and homeschool counselor.

Students may also become Part-Time Polk Virtual School students to complete a credit recovery course. Polk Virtual offers local teachers which have the ability to work online and in person to assist students in their success.

Virtual education is completely Internet based. Enrollment and registration processes for Polk Virtual School are completed via the Internet. Any student with access to the Internet can enter their courses and work from anyplace, at any hour, and for as long as they choose.

Each course’s curriculum is designed using modular lessons. Each student completes their work, submits it via email to the teacher, it is graded by the teacher, and returned via email. Students earn credits through course work completion. The students and teachers communicate via email, Elluminate, whiteboards, and telephone.

The instructional staff is comprised of full time and adjunct teachers meeting highly qualified standards for their subject area. Full time teachers are available during the regular school day. Adjunct teachers, serve at a brick and mortar school during the day and work with the virtual students in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

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