Face2Face – Thursday, Jan 23: 9-11 MS, 1-3 HS

Middle/High School

Learning with Polk Virtual Education

Middle and High School students can become full time Polk virtual students. A full time student needs to expect to spend approximately 6-7 hours daily on preparing to meet student requirements and must take a full schedule of at least 6 classes. All full time students must participate in state testing. In the Full-Time Polk Virtual Program students receive a regular High School diploma just as in the traditional school setting. The students in the Full-Time program attend courses that align with the Florida Standards and prepare our students for college and a career. The teachers in the Polk Virtual School program are certified teachers to teach in the state of Florida.

The flexibility offered in virtual school is that students are able to log into their courses at any time of the day to complete their lessons and assignments. There are deadlines to the assignments, but there is flexibility on the time a student enters the course. This helps the students that participate in extra curricular activities throughout the day. Students also have an option to meet with their instructor if they need assistance with comprehending a lesson and are in need of one-on-one tutoring. This ensures maximum learning for the students.

Students will need a printer with scanner, a computer, microphone and earphones.

In the traditional school setting:


  • I have to work on the teacher’s schedule and keep up with the class.
  • I have assignments to complete each day I’m in class.
  • If I have questions about homework, I have to wait until I see my teacher again.
  • I get the grade I earn when I complete the assignment.
  • My teacher does most of the instructing.
  • I can interact with other students in the classroom and work as partners at times.
  • I don’t always know what I’ll be studying each week.
  • I have to take test on scheduled days.
  • If my parents have questions about my grades or progress, they schedule a conference through guidance.
  • My teachers know me as another student in class
  • I get summers off, as well as Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break.
  • If I’m sick or go on vacation, I have to get make-up work and miss the teaching part of class.
  • Progress reports are sent home once per quarter.
  • I receive a report card each quarter.
  • I can check my grade when logging into my student portal.
  • Not all my assignments have specific feedback.
  • I sometimes have oral exams to complete with my teacher.
  • I see my teacher every day.

In Polk Virtual Education:

child on computer

  • I can work at my own pace as long as I complete the required assignments each week.
  • I have a pace chart with assignments to complete on a weekly basis.
  • I can call my teacher during office hours, leave a message after hours and receive a call back within 24 hours, or I can email my teacher and receive a response within 48 hours.
  • I can redo most of my assignments after my teacher provides helpful feedback.
  • I read my lessons and complete work on my own, while my teacher is the facilitator.
  • I can email other students in my class, but my work is completed only by me unless it’s a special collaborative project.
  • I can look ahead on my pace chart to see what’s coming in future lessons.
  • I can take my tests when I’m ready.
  • If my parents have questions about my grades or progress, they can call my teachers any time during office hours or email them any time.
  • My teachers have more of an opportunity to identify my individual learning habits and can better accommodate my style of learning.
  • I get summers off, as well as Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break, but I can work if I choose to work.
  • If I’m sick or go on vacation, I just do extra work the week before or make-up work the week after and don’t miss any instruction.
  • Progress reports are sent home monthly.
  • I receive monthly progress reports and final grade when I complete the course.
  • I can check my most updated grade any time I have internet access.  My assignments are typically graded within 48 hours.
  • Every assignment I submit receives specific feedback/ comments from my teacher.
  • My teacher and I complete discussion-based assessments where we discuss what I studied in certain modules.
  • I can call my teacher if necessary.  I also complete monthly calls with my teacher and discussion-based assessment.  My teacher can also meet me in an online session to help me better understand something.